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The First 24 Hours – Settling in at Landhausweg 1, Zug

We arrived in Zurich at 7am Monday morning after a very long, albeit quite quiet, flight. Today, we’re all feeling much more rested. Yesterday was a different story. The silver lining of the day was the help that we received, and hopefully new friendship, from the Neblett family. Andrew Neblett, who also works with TRGR, met us at the airport. He helped us navigate the somewhat labyrinthal cargo system that transported our dog, Didger, to Switzerland. Several offices and fees later, Didger is having a nice stay with the Neblett family in the Aargau canton.

As we might have mentioned, our formal apartment at Bernoldweg 9 won’t be ready until later next week, so we found our way to our temporary apartment at Landhausweg 1. Upon arriving we realized that there were only 2 beds, no toilet paper and no food. O.K., so not exactly the welcoming we expected, but we made do. Aaron’s office mates at TRGR were very, very helpful. Later in the afternoon we found a bag of groceries by our door from our friends in TRGR HR, which made us feel much more welcome and smoothed some frayed nerves.

On Monday evening we strolled down to Althus Bar on the lakefront for some nice chicken schnitzel, club sandwiches, salad, fries and “water with gas” by candle light. It was a cool, beautiful evening – one that we tried to enjoy through our weary eyes.

By this morning another bed arrived, fresh towels, etc.. We  slept in, catching up on some much needed sleep, then went through the hand-off process for our apartment with the landlord and our fantastic relocation specialist, Yvonne Richner. We then went shopping at the local “double-M” Migros. You see, there are Migros shopping centers of different sizes. One “M” is small, two “M” is a bit larger with more produce and other foods, and a triple “M” is gigantic. The triple “M” in Steinhausen is essentially a shopping mall, complete with a restaurant and local recycling facility. Our double-M had everything we needed, including some soy milk for Katelyn (“Soja Line”) and some of our new favorite drink, Rivella. It is a great substitute for sodas/colas.

Aaron then went to the office and was given a few more must-haves – plus some chocolate! Aaron’s company has certainly taken good care of us, even through a few bumps that inevitably arise when relocating across the ocean on a tight timeline.

This evening we went to the Zug Bahnhof to purchase our 1/2 price cards and Aaron’s zone card for the year. This will allow Aaron to ride the bus each day to work and will provide 1/2 price on fares for Kim and Aaron, while the kids will ride for free as long as they’re with us. Pretty convenient, and at around $900 total for the year, it beats paying over $200 per month for gas each year back in the states. That said, with gas at such high prices in this area, I’m sure we’ll just about break even as we will be driving our Škoda Octavia Combi to the kid’s schools and such.


  1. Bonnie Rossmann
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 6:18 pm | #

    This blog is so cool. I really have enjoyed every bit of it.
    It certainly has helped me be calmer about this whole move.
    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us also.
    lol Mom & Dad

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