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An Evening in Luzern

This morning we got up bright and early to visit the kids’ schools in Hünenberg and Walterswil. Both children met a few of their teachers. Zach also took his math placement test and spent some time with his “buddy,” Luke. He talked with Mr. Ruben Mota, his counselor. Mr. Ruben is very friendly, informative and willing to answer any and all questions. Most important, he and the other high school staff was genuinely interested in getting to know Zach. Katelyn met her 5th grade teacher and peaked into a few of the classrooms to catch a glimpse of her classmates.

This evening we took the train down to Luzern for a long walk around the city and a fantastic meal at the Da Ernesto Restorante near the bridges, with Mt. Pilatus in view. We enjoyed our meals, then watched the sun set on the alps in the distance. Quite an evening!



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