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Birds, Bells and Agape

Our morning began with sunshine and birds accompanying a cacophony of bells. It was a really beautiful sound as we were eating breakfast. We then walked to our church here – Lift International Church of Zug. There were many more people at Lift today, which allowed us to make some new friends. A few teachers from the International School go to Lift. We also found out that one of the boys from Zach’s class at school goes to Lift.

The message for the day focused on Mary of Bethany and her example of agape love toward Jesus in her action of perfuming and wiping His feet with her hair. Many people mistakenly recall this Mary (the sister of Lazarus) as Mary Magdalene and miss the importance of her actions, both in the social context of her time and the example she sets for all believers in Christ.

Listen to the bells:



  1. Tammy Herbes
    Posted September 12, 2010 at 11:52 pm | #

    Amazing sound of the bells! It gives me goose bumps, I cant imagine being there and being right there!

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