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Prayers for Zach & Katelyn

Both kids have their class trips this week and next, so please keep them in your prayers. I talked with Zach this morning and he said that he has been praying about it as well – and “life in general.” It has been a big week of adjustments all around for our children. The trips represent the first time both kids will be away from home with neither of us by their side. It’s an important step as we try to strengthen them, but as Kim often reminds me, we’re trying to take it at their pace. I suppose it sometimes feels a bit like kicking a little bird out of the tree, but we pray that it will be a blessing to them and our family.

Zach leaves tomorrow (Friday) for London. He’ll tour the city, taking in football (soccer), theatre and much more. The students were supposed to bring cell phones with them, but since we don’t yet have our permits, we can’t get a cell phone for him yet. So, he’ll probably spend a little more time with the teach rather than the students (since the cell phones are intended to be used by teachers to contact students should they venture off on their own). However, Zach seems to be looking forward to it. He’s particularly excited about watching the soccer games and performances at the Globe Theatre and national theatre.

Katelyn will travel to the Les Elfes camp next week on Monday for a week-long stay. It looks like a fun camp, and it is in Switzerland. She’ll likely enjoy camp fires, trampoline, sports, hikes and other activites, including learning activities – all in alps!

So, thanks in advance for your prayers, and keep an eye out toward the end of next week as we’ll start posting photos of the trips from their perspective.

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