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Hikin’ and Bikin’ in Switzerland

Today, I went with Aaron’s coworker’s husband, Brad on a bike ride. This was not just any bike ride. It was a Switzerland bike ride. First, we set off on foot down the Zugerbergstrasse (the road) to obtain a free bike for the day for me to use. We did not ship our bikes to Switzerland. So, down the hill to the city to rent a bike we go. Get the bike. No problem. Head to the bike shop and 99 francs (dollars) later, I am the owner of a brand new bike helmet. We are off to follow Route 9 bike path to the north end of Lake Zug. We road through some really pretty areas. There are flowers everywhere. We went up some hills, down some hills, road next to traffic on the road, and under or over roads. We road to Rotkreuz, Switzerland. That is about half way to Lucern or about 9 miles one way. While in Rotkreuz, we had some soup at a small Italian restaurant before heading back. Once back in Zug, we did a little grocery shopping. Remember the start of our day – DOWNhill to town?!? Well, at the end of a very fun but exhausting day we had to climb back up that hill to get home with a few groceries. Who in their right mind would ever do such a thing? I am guessing not to many, but we did and I would do it again sometime. I would show you a photo of Brad but he refused to have his picture taken with the fear of being blogged. HMMMM… wonder where he got that idea from?


  1. kelly
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 1:58 am | #

    soooooooooooooo glad to here from your side of things kimmy ! LOVE the bike !!!! awsome color !!! however….i did notice the tires… the back wheel is bigger than the front….. kinda like me !!! tee hee hee !!!!! does that give refence to the shape of people there too ????? keep the photos coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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