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Milano (Milan), Italia

Sunday, October 17, our first full day in Italy… it was rainy and chilly outside… so we weren’t really sure what we wanted to see or do. So, we decided to get in the car and just drive – to see where the roads would take us through the countryside and Italian landscape.

If you have ever driven in Italy or seen Italian roads in the movies, you know the roads are insanely narrow at times and can be incredibly steep (where you pray your brakes don’t fail). Well, we can’t say we drove them without incident. We came to this narrow pass on this day. Two vehicles are supposed to fit between cement walls and buildings all around, but not when one is a huge tour bus. Never play chicken with tour bus. The tour bus clipped our driver side break away mirror making a horrendous noise and scaring the whits out of us all. The tour bus never slowed down. Thankfully, we are all just fine and the mirror only sustained a scuff.

Our drive took us through numerous towns and tunnels around Lake Como. Then we came to a sign that read “Milano”. “Hmmmm…. wonder if that is MILAN? Lets go find out.” After about an hour drive and two toll booths, we were in the center of Milan – the Fashion Capitol of the World. Milan, Italy. Can you believe it? We didn’t at first.

Milan is a very busy city with lots of character. Some parts reminded us of New York City. We loved watching the very old cable trains rumble through the city carrying passengers here and there. Had the weather not been so cold and rainy, we would have loved to stroll through some of the beautiful parks we passed. Being a Sunday, many of the shops were closed as well. We did find a train station that has an interesting story in and of itself and a little pizza cafe packed with locals.


  1. Jacquie Mahlum
    Posted October 23, 2010 at 3:20 am | #

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like fun. The driving doesn’t sound so fun, though….

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