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What do Hotel La Perla and NO heat have in common?

Hotel La Perla is a beautiful hotel tucked in the villages of the mountainside of Tremezzo, Italia. It was the host (owner) hotel to our villa. The views were breath taking of the Alps across the horizon. The beautiful hotel played another role in our trip besides just being the owners of the villa we stayed in. You see… our villa was toasty warm upon our arrival in the damp rain of that Saturday afternoon. We went out to dinner at Pizzeria Balognett and returned to a cool apartment. We turned up the heat and went to bed thinking it was cooler due to the evening temperatures setting in. The problem was the radiant heat NEVER turned up. It was fairly chilly (about 9′ C) in Italia upon our arrival. It got pretty cold that night. So first thing Sunday morning, we went to the hotel to ask for some help with the heat. They came to see what was wrong and were puzzled by the fact that we had hot water and no heat, but the neighbor above us had heat. The owners would try to get a repair person out as soon as possible. Later that day, we found out that they could not come until Monday. The hotel owners extended a gracious hand in offering us a room at the hotel for the night at no charge. The dilemma – NO PETS allowed at the hotel. So…. Does one sleep in the chilly villa because Didger is there or go to the hotel for the night and get some sleep in a warm room? We chose to go to the hotel in the late evening after tucking Didger in and come back first thing in  the morning to tend to him. Not ideal, but we needed rest. Katelyn and Aaron still had colds, so rest was important. The hotel was amazing. Didger did fantastic over night but was very excited to see his family in the morning. He got an extra belly rub and treat.

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