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A hike at dusk to Cappella Alpini

During our adventure in Italy, we wanted to see the sights from many different angles and so we decided to take a hike. We were in the Alps after all. Owning a good air rifle in the alps is important in case you need to shot any animals. After asking the locals where to hike, they suggested 2 different places to take a hike up the “hill”. We chose the hike to Cappella Alpini – a very old tiny church perched on top the “hill” at sunset. They even mentioned that you could drive up there. I am starting to think the Italians either have a strange sense of humor or are insane drivers. After taking that hike, there is no way I would drive up there. I thought the paved roads were narrow, these were even more narrow with tighter switchback turns. We headed out in the early evening hours with cameras, flash lights and water in hand. Our goal was to see the mountains at sunset high above the villages. It was beautiful to see the majestic colors above the hustle and bustle of the glowing villages. Hiking was the perfect mode for us. The path was covered in chunked rock tucked into the trees. Periodically, the path would open up to some incredible views.  It was so incredibly quiet too, except for the patter of feet on the rocks and an occasional bell from a cow or goat.


  1. Posted October 27, 2010 at 8:08 am | #

    Check out the sunset photos with the moon atop the mountains!

  2. faith pawelk
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 12:18 am | #

    hi Katelyn! i miss you!how’s life?how’s school?are you liking Italy?remember Adolf Hitler,sumo and i forgot the rest. please write back!


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