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Trunk or Treat at ISZL

I am going to divert off of Italy for a quick post on the Halloween activities from tonight at Katelyn’s school. Katelyn’s school (ISZL in Walterswil) tries to celebrate many of the international holidays to build cultural awareness and help the kids from those countries feel more at home. Halloween is not celebrated in the Swiss culture (or pretty much anywhere outside of America).

Today, they celebrated Halloween with costumes, classroom parties and ended the evening with a Trunk or Treat event in the parking lot. This is where the room parents decorate their car “trunks” and then all the little ones (K- grade 5) go trick or treating after school.  The upper grades (6-12) had dances at their schools.

I had the wonderful opportunity of helping out in Katelyn’s classroom in the afternoon. All 5 fifth grade classes (99 students) floated from room to room doing all kinds of different activities. There were crafts and games, mummy wrapping competitions, cup cake decorating, and of course plenty of giggles and sugar to be eaten. I was amazed at the number of non-American families that got into the spirit and that they could find costume items since they are not available in Switzerland.

Ms. Garthe (Katelyn’s teacher) had never experienced Halloween and was not sure what to expect, but she went all out in 2 different costumes. First, she was a “twin” spider with another teacher. The 8 legged kind, not the MN baseball team. Sorry, no photo of that. In the afternoon, many of the fifth grade teachers switched costumes to the Alice in Wonderland theme. Ms. Garthe was the Mad Hadder and the other twin spider was Alice.

So here is Halloween, ISZL style….


  1. kelly
    Posted November 1, 2010 at 5:23 pm | #

    what an awsome idea ! i think they should do that at trinity for their fall festival thingie….people could do little games at their “trunks” too if they wanted …. way easier set up …. prizes for ” best dressed trunks ” too …. something way different than other years …. quick, somebody tell steph genske ! 🙂 thanks for the photos kim, they are all worth more than a thousand words !

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