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Hike Through the Fall Colors of The Zugerberg

What started out as a simple request from Zach and Katelyn to “walk up in the green hills” above Zug as we walked out of church on Sunday morning became a 2-hour hike on Monday from the Guggital all the way up to the Institut Montana atop the Zugerberg.

Beautiful Fall colors, streams, a cacophony of birds, church bells and cow bells (listen to the chorus toward the end of the video below), moss so green it lit up every inch not covered in leaves and some very tired, thirsty, hungry hikers!

A little under 2 hours into our hike we were walking past horse and cow farms, wondering how far we were from the top. We decided we would walk another 5 minutes, then walk back down if we didn’t see any sign of the Institut Montana and the Bahn (cogwheel station) at the top. You see, we were definitely hoping, after hiking up 40 degree slopes through thick falls leaves right, then left, then right, then… that we would be able to catch the cogwheel down. Four minutes after that decision we saw the Institut and realized that we had taken the right combination of paths to reach the top!



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