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Heisse Maroni

As a way to follow up on an earlier post (and try out a warm treat) I picked up a bag of chestnuts at the stand near the bus stop. They were warm and tasted like…

Ready for this?

Mashed potatoes.

That’s right. The famous Christmas holiday tune had me thinking they would taste … well … something other than how they did. They had a hint of sweetness, but really tasted like potatoes.

After we devoured the whole bag, Zach decided to do some research and found out how to roast chestnuts at home. So, he grabbed a few of the nuts he collected around Tremezzo, Italy, warmed the oven and … voila! His actually tasted better than the street vendor’s. They were much sweeter and he did a great job for a first “crack.”

Would I pick them up again on the way home? Probably. They kind of grow on you.

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