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Suan China Restaurant

A few weeks ago we were in the mood for some good Chinese food. Hadn’t had any since arrival two months ago. So…we grabbed a ride down the Zugerberg on the bus to the first Chinese restaurant we saw – Suan China Restaurant right in the heart of old town Zug.

The atmosphere was traditional oriental decor with delicious traditional food. The staff were all of orient decent in traditional oriental dress. It was just a little mind boggling to hear the staff speaking German.  It took a little getting use to and added to the experience.

Because our German is very limited, we had just one little situation in ordering. Aaron wanted to order orange tea. The waitress seemed a bit puzzled when Aaron was ordering and once the drinks arrived, we saw way… 32 francs later, we ended up with 8 drinks for 4 people – 1 sprite, 3 Oranginas and 4 Jasmin Teas – not orange tea. Looking on the bright side, we were well hydrated.

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