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How to make an angel

Since I was given Thanksgiving day off (under the guise of an “annual cleaning day” at the office), Kim and I decided to tour Glasi Hergiswil, a glass factory just 5 miles south of Luzern along the shore of Lake Luzern. It’s a beautiful location to learn about the art of glass blowing in a factory that has been around since the early 1800s. It has a really interesting museum tour, glass experiments exhibit, glass labyrinth and a full storefront.

After walking through the automated museum tour, we found ourselves exiting into the working factory. We enjoyed watching the glass blowers making glass ornaments, vases, and angels (watch the video and check out the photos below to see how angels are made). There’s also an opportunity for visitors to blow their own unique glass spheres. We’ll be taking Zach and Katelyn to the factory to try that out!

The factory had humble beginnings, producing everyday glassware for transport of liquids, storage of Schnapps, and other beverages. As mass manufacturing of glass products exploded, Glasi Hergiswil found itself falling behind and was in danger of closing and being demolished. However, in 1975 the factory was saved when Hergiswil Glas AG (Incorporated) was founded by Roberto Niederer. After the death of Roberto Niederer (1988) his son took over the company and continued to mold it into a specialized glass shop with expert glass blowers creating beautiful products of many types – from bowls, accents and fine glassware to very unique, hand-made Christmas ornaments.

Watch The Glasi Hergiswil Blowers at Work


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