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Happy Thanksgiving with the Neblett Family

We had the honor of celebrating Thanksgiving not once but twice in the last week with some very special new friends.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated here in Switzerland. According to our German teacher, Harry, Germany use to celebrate a harvest festival around the same time many years ago, but that too is no longer a tradition. The kids went to school, but Aaron had off. Herbert (the big guy in the office) is a very clever Swiss man. He can not give the employees off for Thanksgiving but he can schedule an annual cleaning day.

On Thanksgiving evening, we celebrated with a dear family from Texas. You may have heard us speak of the family that cared for Didger for nearly 2 weeks upon our arrival. This is that family – The Nebletts. It was a small gathering of 15 with 9 of them being children. OK, 3 children and 6 teenagers that had a great time together playing hide and seek and numerous variations of it, Apples to Apples and something with a beard that made the little ones giggle. Look for the picture. It will make more sense.

We had all the traditional Thanksgiving fixin’s from turkey to mash potatoes to cranberry dip and even a brussel sprout salad and carrot soup. The evening was topped off with no shortage of desserts, which included pumpkin pie, apple pie, black forest cake and hmmmm… I wonder if I forgot any. The evening quickly got late with all that wonderful conversation and food. It was midnight before we tucked our little ones in bed. Oh dear, on a school night and all. It was a wonderful evening and we are so very thankful for our new friends here in Switzerland.

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