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One-on-one Ice and Snow

We had appreciable snow last week leading into the weekend. Zach was busy studying for his final exams and Kim was finishing up her Literature Circle reading, so Aaron and Katelyn suited up and went outside to play. They had no plans – the perfect plan.

While outside they noticed that the natural pool, created by runoff from the hills, outside our apartment had a thick top layer of ice. So, they decided to break up the ice and make a little sculpture. First, they carried the pieces to the hill in front of the apartment. Then, they assembled it (with a few breaks for hill sliding) and smoothed it with hot water.

Once they had finished their creation, they decided to hike up the Zugerberg for a short while in the snow. Along the way they stood under tall pines and shook the snow onto their heads, took in the views and watched “sledgers” (sledders) in the hills. On the way back they found an icicle to top off their sculpture.

This one-on-one ice and snow playtime reminded Aaron once again how important it is to spontaneously share time with the kids – something he’s been able to do a lot more since moving to Switzerland.

The weather has warmed since that day, so the sculpture has slowly reshaped itself. Each morning and afternoon Katelyn has checked in on it. Yesterday afternoon, she picked up the pieces and placed them on our patio – bringing them a little closer for observation as the afternoon fades into memory.

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