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Fairytale Sunday

Superstitions, folk tales and festivals abound in Switzerland. The Märli festival occurs in Zug during December each year.

Local people don costumes and stroll the closed old town streets as businesses and other buildings open their doors to become stages for telling of tales.

We began with a spinner tale in the castle, surrounded by old stones, spears and carnations.

We then wove through the streets, enjoying warm “punsch”, star cookies, Mars bars and the scents, sights and sounds.

This one is so colorful and “thick” with ambiance, the video and photos will speak 10,000 words.




  1. Janalee
    Posted December 6, 2010 at 7:10 am | #

    You saw St. Nick! 🙂 and that second or third picture of you guys reflected in the Christmas ornament is so cool! What a fantastic idea! The marionette theater looks like a ton of fun. I love how the people holding them aren’t hidden at all but right up there on stage! And I LOVE the pictures at night starting around number 29. They are so crisp and beautiful! Way to capture the enchantment! Can’t wait to see you! Need us to bring anything you won’t be picking up yourselves when you come home? And when’s a good time to skype? 🙂
    lots of love!

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