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The Spirit of Giving

We have been incredibly blessed each and every year with health, friendships and all our needs being taken care of. This Christmas season we had the wonderful opportunity to give back to those much less fortunate. Here in Switzerland, there is a refugee camp with 81 children belonging to 47 families. They literally have nothing. They are mostly from northern Africa. We had the privilege of sharing gifts and food with them Monday evening.

How did we get involved with this mission? It was shortly after our arrival in Switzerland, I was invited to an American coffee for families that attend ISZL (International School of Zug and Lucern). It is the ISZL’s way of connecting families with other families from their homelands. They are 38 countries represented at ISZL and they try to make sure everyone is connected with those from their homelands. At this coffee, the gracious host (Sara) mentioned that last year they did this party for refugees at Christmas time for the first time and would anyone like to help this year? I signed up for more information and before I knew it, I was attending planning meetings.

Our whole family was able to assist with the festivities this year. Katelyn and 3 other 5th grade girls were the helpers to Santa. Another mom made them all outfits. So cute. Aaron was to help monitor the teen helpers and keep order amongst the crowd. Zach helped organize families as they left Santa before they headed to the family gift area. We had to limit the traffic or it gets overwhelming very quickly. I had  the opportunity to work with Andre (high school student from Spain) as we prepared the families to see Santa. I am so thankful for Andre as he is fluent in German. So those that did not understand English, he was a true gift to me.

Thinking back on the evening, was just a true blessing to give back to those in need. To do a little something to make their holiday a little brighter. What always amazes me is how much it impacts me. We give because we have been so richly blessed, but in turn we ended up walking away with our hearts filled with joy.

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