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Luzern with The Kites and Jules

Today, we ventured off to Luzern to meet up with Jules, a dear friend of Janalee, to enjoy the Christmas markets and strolling through the city.

The sun came out today, so the train ride to Luzern along the lake was beautiful. The snow from yesterday still clung to the trees and the ducks warmed themselves near the shore along the way.

Once in Luzern, we met Jules under the arch outside the Luzern Bahnhof. Jules is a very kind, energetic, fun-loving person and it was a joy to have him guide us through several Christmas markets where we enjoyed some treats and the sites.

Along the way, we stopped inside a building where there were displays of nativity scenes created by local craftsmen. See the photos to get a sense of the variety.

Jules suggested we go to lunch at Hotel zum Weissen Kreuz, a pizzeria restaurant. The food was fantastic and the conversation was fun as we discussed differences between German and Swiss-German and how Janalee and Jules met (Jules lived in an apartment under Janalee’s while she was here years ago).

After lunch, we made our way along the shore, trying out local sausages (there was a fantastic wurst with anis). Janalee and Katelyn found some carved wood stars and rustic metal finials – they want to put together a little art for Katelyn’s room. Then, we walked over to the art museum for some hot chocolate to warm up before strolling the bridge to see the night lights.

We stopped into the Migros Express at the Bahnhof to grab some food for dinner and Sunday lunch (since stores are closed on Sundays here) – some mozzerella, tomatoes and basel for capresse, crunchy breads, chicken, etc…

We warmed by the fire and had a little dinner when we got home, then called it a day – a very full, peaceful day with the Kites and our new friend, Jules.

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