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Oh Fishy Day, Oh Fishy Day, How Lovely Are Your…

O.K., as the title might elude, I’m just a little tired. I’m making this entry from the Amsterdam airport awaiting my flight to Zürich. Free WiFi – gotta love it.

While we were in Lombard visiting the Cooper clan, we took a day to tour the Shedd Aquarium with my Dad, Bill. We got there soon after the doors opened and had a great time learning, chatting and enjoying creatures, many of which we had never seen. The Shedd is a great place to check out if you’re ever in Chicago. It was a chilly walk from Soldier Field, but warmed up a bit in the afternoon with some sun – enough for a group shot by the lake. The shot took a few tries – the sun is warm, but also makes for spontaneous blinking.

After a few hours at the Shedd with the fishies we headed over to Sushi Naniwa on Wells Street to extend our underwater exploration gastronimically. We met Brian and Nicole and their girls for a nice chat, a little warm sake, fresh sushi rolls and a photo opp.

All in all, a fishy day indeed.



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