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Zach’s Basketball Tournament in Founex, Switzerland

This past weekend, Zach participated in a 12 “Swiss Group of International Schools” basketball tournament in Founex, Switzerland. Founex is about about 20 KM outside Geneva and 2 KM from the border of France. Most of the participating teams were from the French speaking part of Switzerland and ISZL (our school – International School of Zug and Lucern) had never played them before. Yet another cultural experience besides just basketball. Another blog is coming on our time in France.

Just a side note, the philosophy behind International school sports is not that of American sports. The philosophy is that they are to work on attitude, effort and then skills. Sure, all teams want to win, but they look at it more as a teaching experience then some of the ruthless and cruel style coaching you see in the states. The coaches here in Switzerland nurture and teach and in turn are given respect. In the US, you see at almost all levels of sports the degrading and rudeness toward the players / refs and occasionally some praise toward a star player. Practices are held 2 times a week for a little over an hour. In that time, they work on basic skills and plays.

Our team of 11 freshman and 1 sophomore gave it there all. Zach is number 26. They played fair and hard. They were incredibly supportive, encouraging and kind to each other both on the court and off. During warm up, they all cheered anytime a basket was made – regardless of who made it. The coaches were heard repeatedly yelling to the kids – “great job”, “nice play”,  “good shot”, and so on. Not a single coach was belligerent or rude at anytime to a player or ref. So refreshing to see. Even the referees were teaching and explaining to the kids why a call was made. During the changing of teams or a time out, the refs were spotted taking shots at the basket as well. The one ref shot a basket from the sideline near half court and made it. Look for a caption in the photos showing which ref. The little audience of 16 cheered for him and he took a bow with a chuckle. On the refs shirts was a great message “Play Fair and Fair Play”.

Check out the video for action on the court and Katelyn cheering for her big brother and his team.





  1. Dave Roeder
    Posted February 1, 2011 at 6:18 am | #

    COACH as an acronym:

  2. Posted February 1, 2011 at 9:17 am | #

    Haven’t seen that one Dave. Love it.

    Zach wouldn’t be in basketball if he didn’t enjoy the game, the fellowship and the learning. After one of the games on Saturday, Zach and a couple teammates moved to the court outside the sport center to play more – just couldn’t get enough. He arrived home happy, with plenty of stories and ready to practice again on Monday evening. Great sign of time well spent and a team well-coached.

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