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It can be a bit “RISKY”

We spent last evening with our friends, the Christies’. They are originally from Australia, but came to Switzerland from a 6 year assignment in California. They arrived in Switzerland about the same time we did. They have four children: Jonathon (AKA Jono -16), Samuel 14, Abigail 13 and Benjamin (AKA Benny 11). We connected with them through Lift (church) and ISZL high school. Zach and Sam have a few classes together and are on the same basketball team.

Our evening was full of table tennis/ ping pong, movies, RISK, an electrical adventure and lots of snack food. Zach & Aaron challenged Dave, Jonathon and Sam to a game of Risk a couple weeks ago. So let the game begin!!

First up, was numerous games of table tennis with changing teams in the bomb bunker while eating lots of fun snacks. Teenagers can really polish off the snacks. All Swiss homes have a bomb bunker. They turned theirs into a rec room.

Next up, was the attempt to make dinner which turned into quite the adventure. Donna and I were going to make some hamburgers while the kids played games but we had just a little problem in doing so. Each time we turned on the electric glass top stove we heard crackling noises, saw huge sparks and heard a loud popping noise. We decided after the third attempt, we would change the menu to everyone’s favorite- pizza. Not only did the stove stop working, we managed to blow the circuit for numerous lights in the house and the oven. Flipping the breakers did not fix the problem this time. So we enjoyed a portion of the evening visiting on the main level of their home by candle light while the kids played in the bunker and the dad’s ran for dinner.

To round out the evening was dinner, THE GAME and movie time. While we ate pizza, we watched the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. It was a movie created using puppets and animation. Very cute! Then came Risk. The dad’s were hoping to win, but I was cheering for Sam, who was the first player out the last time the kids played a couple weeks ago. Low and behold, SAM WON!! Then the non-risk players decided to watch the movie “A Cinderella Story” followed by a portion of the worlds dumbest movie ever created “Napoleon Dynamite”.

I am sure there will be many more rematches of RISK.

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