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Fasnacht of Zug

Thursday morning was the kick of the Fasnacht celebrations in Zug. Fasnacht is celebrated all over Switzerland. It is a celebration to “scare” the “winter spirits” back into the mountains and welcome Spring. The festivities run for 5 days with parades and bands and costumes. Thursday was SchmuDo or Schmutzigen Donnerstag which means “Dirty Thursday.”

The bands are called “guchamusik”. They were originally created to just make noise to scare the spirits away. Now they are bands that play beautiful music. Thursday, I visited Katelyn’s school as a Fasnacht band was performing for them in the morning. Then I wandered down the Zugerberg to the city of  Zug and enjoyed listening to a couple bands and impressed by the creativity that they displayed in their costumes. I only took video and photos of a handful of the bands that were seen around town throughout the day.



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