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Greth Schällebei celebration in Zug

Katelyn and I stopped by the Greth Schällebei celebration on the way home from school Monday. It was held at the base of the Zugerberg heading into Old Town Zug. I found this wonderful description on a local website that describes this custom. This is part of the Fasnacht (Carnival) Celebrations.

“Greth Schell is a traditional carnival figure in Zug who carries her husband home in a basket on her back after he has had too much to drink at the inn. On Carnival Monday, she parades through the streets of Zug accompanied by seven colourfully dressed “Lööli”, or fools. For almost a century now, local joiners, turners and coopers have practiced this custom, and as at the “Bäckermöhli”, children receive goodies for shouting “Greth Schällebei” or “Greth Schell”.”



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