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Zürich: History, Art, Religion and Food…

Saturday was our last full day of fun with Aaron’s two cousins from Iowa, Roger and Wendy Brown. We all decided to take a train ride to Zürich, Switzerland and see some local museums.

First stop was the Zürich train main station for maps and cold drinks. Then off to the Swiss National Museum across the street. Very interesting information on artifacts, history and culture as well as changes that occurred over time in Switzerland. Then, we were off to old town for lunch at Santa Lucia – Italian food. Next stop was the Kunshaus Art Museum. Here, we were able to see paintings & sculptures from a wide variety of artists including Monet, Rembrant, Zünd, Picasso, Anker and many more. Rober Zünd is a Swiss artist that paints amazing scenes in nature. I think we all agree that we saw enough variations of the naked person to last a lifetime. We also saw the sculpture of the “Gates of Hell” by Rodin. Before long, we found ourselves back on the streets of Zürich heading for the Grossminster and Frauminster cathedrals to enjoy the stain glass. The Grossminster cathedral is where Zwingli (rival to Martin Luther) followers worship his teaching and beliefs of the reformation. Unfortunately, the Frauminster was closed for the day already, so we could not see the Chagall stainglass. Before we knew it, it was evening and time to head home. At the train station in Zug, Katelyn and I grabbed a couple simple groceries, while the rest of the gang found dinner, bretzelbrot sandwiches (soft pretzel sandwiches). Wendy had mentioned during the course of the day that one time her mom let her have ice cream for supper. So, Aaron promised Katelyn that we could do the same, sort of. We decided that we were more hungry then just dessert, so we had our sandwiches first. Then we headed to the Guggital hotel, a short distance from our apartment, for dessert. Great end to a great day.




  1. Dave Roeder
    Posted March 16, 2011 at 3:51 am | #

    Santa Lucia! Although I have not ate there, we have an Italian Restaurant with the same name here in Fargo.

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