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Schaffhausen and Rheinfall

On Saturday, we rode connecting trains north from Zug, to Zürich, to Winterthur, to Schaffhausen enjoying the gorgeous weather of sunny and 73′ F. Schaffhausen is a larger city with many brick streets and ornate architecture. Many of the buildings had crests or placards up front to indicate the heritage and date of construction. Many dated back to the early 1700s.

We began our self-guided tour by picking up a map at the Bahnhof upon arrival, then wandered the streets, found a great Italian restaurant for lunch, then found stairs leading up to a fortress.

Atop the city, a circular walled fortress, called the Munotverein, resides over the red-roofed buildings. We all made it to the top to find that the inside of the Munot was about 20 degrees cooler – a welcome refreshment after climbing the stairs. We also found a large public space on the roof, where we surveyed the cityscape and enjoyed some rest.

We finished the afternoon with some ice cream and a ride down to the Rheinfalls, the largest waterfalls in Europe (not the tallest, but the largest). Spring is the perfect time to view the falls as the water volume is greatest and the rainbows brightly show their spectrum.




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    The photo of Kim in front of the stained glass with a HUGE smile is my favorite photo taken so far since we’ve been here!

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