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Settling into Mezzegra, Italia – Beginning with Pizzeria Balognett

We arrived in Mezzegra on Lake Como today, met David Counter of Bella Como and checked into our villa apartment for the weekend. It’s a charming place with an amazing, full view of the opposing shoreline and mountains. It was a crystal clear, warm, sunny day with all the fixins’ – birds chirping, boats sailing, and everyone in our crew smiling (once we wove through the narrow streets to our destination).

Once we were settled, we headed straight over to Melo and Franca’s (Pizzeria Balognett). We were glad to see our new friends again and were warmly greeted. We enjoyed nearly 3 hours of conversation, watched Melo practice the art of perfect pizza-making in his oven, and enjoyed his lush flower gardens. He also proudly showed us his new vegetable gardens which supply their culinary delights with fresh, organic “yumminess,” as Kim said. After our meal, before dessert, Melo invited us outside to play with their 3 dogs. We met them during our last visit and kind of miss Didger, so it was a treat. We also learned how they prepare their peppers for their tasty sweet pepper (Pepperoni) pizza – baked in the oven, then marinated in olive oil with spices to-taste. Melo also taught us an Italian phrase, new to us, as we left for the afternoon. He said, “Buena continuacion,” which essentially means, “I wish you well during your time here.”

After our extended lunch and visit, we strolled along the shoreline in Lenno, enjoyed the waves and shade, had some Gelato (refreshing Limone and Frutti Bosco).

As I write this, we’re enjoying a quiet evening in our villa apartment, recharging for a full day of boat rides and time together tomorrow – and definitely some more great food and company with Melo and Franca.

Good night.





  1. Jenni Neve
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 8:25 pm | #

    What a fantastic trip! I love the steps to your villa. And the view from you villa is amazing. I can almost smell the peony. Oh, the flowering pines are actually heather. Enjoy the rest of your visit to Italy!

    Jenni Neve

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