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En Route and Arrival in Zermatt

The 8-hour rail trip from St. Moritz took us over 291 bridges, past waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, through shaded valleys with age-old chalets with slate roofs in towns with 1,000 year-old bell towers.

Our day was split with a fine meal of prune-filled pork chops, spatzel and steamed spinach, plus a change of locomotives to a cog-wheel type capable of handling steep grades as we passed through Andermatt, Oberwald and Fiesch toward Zermatt.

We arrived in Zermatt in time to see the sun glinting off the slopes of the Matterhorn and the greenish mineral water raging through the valley rapids.

Upon arrival to our hotel, the Bristol, we settled, caught the view of the Matterhorn from Cal and Bonnie’s room and asked where we could get some great Swiss cuisine. We were directed to the Café Du Pont (pronounced, “Du Pone”).

We walked past the city cemetery, the local catholic church and into the old, old town (read, chalets many hundreds of years old situated upon discs of slate). The Du Pont was warm and had a strong scent of Raclette – we knew we were in the right place. Several of us shared the haus special Fondue. Bonnie had a nice cheese omelette and Kim … well, Kim had a unique Raclette experience.

You see, traditional Swiss Raclette comes with several potatoes, a gurken, plenty of cheese and little pickled pearl onions. Kim has never been a big fan of the onions, so left a few on her plate. Then, suddenly an older, well-bearded Swiss gentleman walked up to our table, grabbed Kim’s fork, poked an onion and fed it to Kim.

Pause on that for a moment…

Now, see the photos.

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