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Neuschwanstein Castle

Wednesday, Mom, Dad, Zach, Katelyn and I decided to drive to see a famous castle in the Bavarian Alps. It was quite an adventure, I don’t think any of us will forget anytime soon.

Neuschwanstein Castle was built for the Bavarian King Ludwig II. The castle construction began in 1868 but was never completely finished due to the kings untimely and mysterious death in 1886. Walt Disney made a replica of this castle for Cinderella at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Tuesday evening, I looked up the location of the castle and where it was on google maps. Google maps said it would be a 3.25 hour drive. Sounded reasonable for a days trip. So with a cooler of simple snacks and water bottles packed, we hit the road at 730am. Our GPS in the car, we fondly call “Lady Lady”, had a different plan for our adventure. You see, Lady Lady LOVES drives in the country and tries to convince you to not drive on the free way. So what was supposed to be a 3.25 hour drive turned into 6.5 hours. I must say it was a pretty drive through the mountains. We arrive at the castle at 2pm, not having eaten lunch, we decide to get our tickets for the guided tour and wait to eat until dinner. This was a mistake. More on that shortly. So we catch the bus up the mountain to the castle. The driver has driven this route many times as exhibited by his comfort for speed as we climb the steep grade and whip around sharp curves. We did manage to arrive at the top in one piece and stomach contents still intact. We wander around the castle entrance areas for a bit waiting for our guided tour time to begin. We enjoyed a 35 minute guided touring, climbing 161 steps up and 182 steps down. After our tour, we decided to take the horse carriage ride down the mountain. It took a bit for the carriage to arrive, but it was a calm and relaxing ride down the mountain. Upon our arrival to the town below, Hohenschwangau, we decide to grab a little something to eat before hitting the road. Unfortunately, it was after 6pm and all the shops were closing up for the day. So we did a little gift shopping and decided to just hit the road, eating what snacks we had left. Mom and I managed to navigate with the use of Google maps and Lady Lady an alternative route that allowed us to tour 5 countries and shave nearly 2 hours off the trip. We visited: Bavaria, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. We arrived home just before midnight, completely exhausted and starving. It was a great day overall.


  1. Posted April 22, 2011 at 12:34 pm | #

    lol, sounds like my luck! Beautiful country to be “lost” in thou…

  2. Posted April 22, 2011 at 4:36 pm | #

    Are you telling me I was lost all that time? Or was my GPS taking us on a guided tour of the mountains?? Maybe I just misunderstood what the goal of the day was.?!?! We were just thankful to get back to Zug safely considering how tired we all were.

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