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Arrival, Then Up, Up, Up

We arrived in Tremezzo this afternoon with Pastor Phil and Marie Wagner. Upon arrival, we started off with a relaxing lunch 0n the patio outside our suite at Hotel La Perla. The skies were rather foggy, but still beautiful with a cool breeze.

We hit the ground walking.

Our hike up to Cappelle Alpini was a great way to prime ourselves for the days of touring ahead. Some huffs and puffs and many smiles motivated us up the mountain to a beautiful panorama of Lake Como. I think Marie was heard singing a few bars from The Sound of Music when we crossed the green field atop the mountain near the chapel.

We were all singing – or, at least, our taste buds were humming – as we bit into our pizzas at Pizzeria Balognett after our hike and brief observance of 5:30 mass at St. Lorenzo. We enjoyed Morellino di Scansano wine and tasty treats for dessert as we chatted two and a half hours into dinner, amongst ourselves and with Melo and Franca. We then signaled unanimously that some sleep was needed.

Our sleep was sound that night as we anticipated sunny weather and boat rides on Sunday.

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