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Goodbye, Lake Como – Hello Milan, Pisa, Lucca

During our stay in Tremezzo, Phil said that Lake Como might just be the most beautiful place we will see during our tour. He just may be right. We are all glad to have zigged and zagged the lake, enjoyed wonderful meals and conversation at Melo and Francas and appreciated God’s amazing creation.

Now, on to the South.

Again, today Kim weaved her way into the record books as the best driver in Italy (in our books, anyway), as we pointed toward Pisa.

We decided to make a stopover in Milan to see Leonardo da Vinci’s famous “The Last Supper” (Il Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena) in Santa Maria delle Grazie. However, we soon realized that most museums in Italy are closed on Mondays. That said, we got a little taste of the busy, rather dirty city known for fashionistas.

From Milan, we rode through beautiful mountains, past trailer parks, old churches and farms, industry and over massive concrete bridges toward Pisa.

We walked the grounds of Pisa’s Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo). Yes, the tower really does lean – a lot. While the bell tower is impressive, the Cathedral, Baptistry and cemetary are stunning. Very intricate engravings adorn the buildings and the Baptistry is nearly as tall as the adjacent Cathedral.

We phoned ahead to the Al Tuscany B&B, our accommodations in Lucca. A very pleasant Claudio greeted Aaron and encouraged us to call him again as we neared his establishment, noting, “It can be hard to find.”


This blog doesn’t capture every detail because we want to hold back a little for our next face time with you all, so you’ll just have to ask about our arrival in Lucca – many, many laughs. Character oozing from every hard to find stone and tile.

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