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Florence, Italia

Today was all about Florence – a wellspring of Renaissance art and architecture (or architecture as art).

After Kim’s driving experience upon entry to Lucca yesterday we decided to give her a break (though, she doesn’t show signs of needing one, given her developing aptitude for narrow “street” navigation). We rode the Trenitalia (public train system) from Lucca to Florence.

Without a detailed plan, we first made our way to the Duomo (cathedral) in Florence. The cathedral is a sudden, rising presence as one reaches the end of a narrow street as it has become surrounded by buildings of many types over the centuries. Its white marble and ornate sculptures are reminiscent of the Pisa Duomo, but with geometric green marble that adds to the texture of its surface. As in Pisa, the Duomo is accompanied by a baptistry, complete with a door crafted by Michelangelo.

We then waited to enter the Acedemia Museum, just North of the Duomo. This is where we took in the awe-inspiring precision, delicateness and beauty of Michelangelo’s “David.”

After strolling the many plazas, surrounded by sculpture and beautiful architecture, we decided it was time to finish the day above the city. We used half English and Italian to recruit the help of locals to guide us via buses to  Michelangelo’s Square where we enjoyed a panorama of Florence.

Then, the rain came – and it went as we departed Florence.

In Lucca, we took our hosts advice and visited Pizzeria Sergio, around the corner from the Al Tuscany B&B. The food was much better than the evening prior. Zach boldly ordered wild boar, while the rest of us indulged in other flavorful main courses, such as lasagna, seafood pasta and pizza. We also tried the house wine, which offered a clean, spicy finish to the day.

Tomorrow, we head South to Roma.

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