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An Evening in Venezia

We arrived in Venice later afternoon, and found our way to an “exhorbitant” parking garage just outside the island (in the words of a Venice guide we have with us). At 80 euro per day it’s pretty steep, but totally secure, which makes it worthwhile as people warn against large lots and street parking.

While we could have taken a “steamer” around the Grand Canal, we decided to walk through the maze of streets using the map Laconda St. Agostin provided (our B&B in Venice). We were 90% there, then got a little turned around. We found a kind local who walked us to our accommodations. Our B&B is on the second floor of a building, which is a good thing in Venice – further away from the moisture since most buildings have flooded at least once.

Portions of Venice are rather dirty and occasionally smell of sewer and mold in the canals. That said, the charm counterbalances and the character makes getting a little lost enjoyable.

Our family found gondolas waiting in a canal nearby and hopped on board. Since we were the last ride of the day we got a special deal that took us to the Grand Rialto bridge where the gondolas park for the evening, then prices go up at night. It was a great way to see more of the city and pretty romantic.

Phil and Marie enjoyed some time alone for the evening, checking out San Marco square where they found many people waiting for the Pope to arrive (he’s here this weekend).

We’ll head home to Zug tomorrow, having seen and learned much, with an accompaniment of laughs and sunshine.

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