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The “Fornace” of Murano

Murano is an island consumed by glass.

We began our day with a walk from our B&B through the well-secured plaza of San Marco, past the large video displays of the Pope, and onto a ferry. Since we didn’t plan ahead to visit Murano, we winged it.

We found the ferry to the island and hopped aboard. The shallow, green waters of the lagoon are bordered by several islands, including Murano. Boat mooring posts are evenly spaced throughout many areas of the lagoon. We saw rowers, sailboats, bell towers in the distance.

We were welcomed to the island by glass sculptures and a black and white lighthouse at the entry to the bay.

The shores of Murano are mostly occupied by glass furnaces, so upon docking we headed straight into an open door marked “Fornace.”

We moved into the main furnace area where one man was relaxing near a furnace. He didn’t speak English so he called on a salesperson from the company’s showroom to give us an impromptu demonstration of several common glass blowing techniques. He then ushered us through the company’s “museum” of master works and into the main showroom. A subtle sales pitch followed as we walked by works ranging from several hundred Euros to many thousands. Our guide soon figured out that we didn’t intend to make any large purchases, so he kindly walked us into the showroom with works of “young masters” (read: much less expensive).

No purchases were made during our stay, but we enjoy the less busy streets, another warm, sunny day and a pleasant lunch. The pizza on Murano wasn’t fantastic (canned tomato sauce, perhaps?), but the service was fine. Pizzerias in Italy have a tall order to compete with Pizzeria Balognett in Tremezzo. We enjoyed the conversation during our last meal in Italy with the Wagners.

Soon after lunch, we grabbed our luggage, retrieved the van (after paying 78 Euros for 1 night in a parking garage), and got on the rode to Zug, having enjoyed our brief stay amongst the canals of Venice.

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