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Katelyn’s ISZL Exhibition

In 5th grade at ISZL, students participate in an Exhibition program. This program requires students to work in a group with several peers toward development of a creative presentation conveying research process and findings around a specific subject of inquiry.

Katelyn’s group was assigned a topic under the Sustainability umbrella – animal conservation. Her group named themselves the “Animal Savers.”

Katelyn was very diligent on her research, and really drove herself to contribute to discovery in several areas, including endangerment, mistreatment and actions we humans can take to safeguard animals in a responsible way. She also worked through some hickups in team contribution, and was a great example of self-motivated leadership.

She did a fantastic job showing us how their group researched and reflected. The articulate presentation in front of  a classroom of parents was a real achievement for her and we loved walking through the “ocean” and “forest” games she and her partners created (with Kim’s help on the setup).

It was a great evening, kicked off with a multi-language opening presentation that taught everyone the tenets and steps of the Exhibition. It was so cool to see students from all over the world teaming up to learn and grow.


(yes, those are cowbells you hear in the field around the school)




  1. Grandma & Grandpa
    Posted May 23, 2011 at 12:46 pm | #

    Nice job, Katelyn!

    Love the sound of the cow bells.

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