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Augusta Raurica

Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to chaperone Katelyn’s grade 5 class to Augusta Raurica near Basel, Switzerland. Augusta Raurica are ancient Roman ruins here in Switzerland that date back to 44 BC and the time of Lucius Munatius Piancus, one of Ceasar’s military commanders. This is one of the earliest Roman colonies on the Rhine River. After the Roman empire conquered the region beyond the Rhine River, Augusta Raurica became a regional center of markets, theaters, baths and temples. Augusta Raurica sat at a major junction for trade with Italy and Rhineland and Gaul to Danube. The Rhine river was a major transport resource for the Roman Empire.

Augusta Raurica has 30 monuments that have been conserved and open to visitors. We toured the remains of the Theater, Temple on Schönbühl, oldest preserved oven, and a replica of a Roman House.

Did I mention that it was a half outdoor and half indoor field trip in the pouring rain?? It was great day regardless of weather!!

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