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Scrappin’ on the Edge!!

Many of you have heard the incredible story of how we met the Baker’s here in Switzerland that lived in the next town to us in MN. We also have 2 sets of mutual friends in MN, but never met each other in MN. We traveled 4000+ miles to meet such wonderful people who have now become dear friends. I only retell that story because it leads into this blog post. OK, I LOVE that story too. We had been in Switzerland less then 2 weeks and in our first conversation at Lift church with the Baker’s, we learned that they were from MN, we had mutual friends and that Beth LOVES to scrapbook. So, Beth and I started scheduling times to craft. We now get together weekly to share stories, ideas and supplies. In the last couple months, we have expanded our scrapbooking group to another wonderful gal from England named Lesley. So now we call ourselves “Scrappin’ on the Edge.” Why, Beth will have to tell you that one….

It is with great sadness that our group is going to shrink back to Beth and I as Lesley is repatriating to England this summer. Their assignment here has come to an end. We are going to miss her creative ideas and humor.

So here are a couple photos from our last scrap time together. I apologize for the quality of the photos, but I only had my cell phone with me and wanted to capture the moment.

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