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Prima Banda ’11

Hi, Zach here.

Ich bin müde, aber glücklich, weil wir in den Flughafen.

I am writing from the airport because we are starting the long way home to Minnesota. Anyway, I just had multiple concerts, one of them with the Prima Banda. Under the direction of Herr Bucheli, we played songs like the Olympic Flame, Can-Can, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Thriller, and 7 other pieces. I played in what is called “Prima Banda.” It is a youth band/orchestra. I played with about 4 other trombones. It was a fun experience, both with the music and the people. I made a couple Swiss friends. The band liked to speak to me in English, as they were learning it in school, and I would try to communicate in Swiss German. It was a good experience. We played at the Guthirt school, where a Quartierfest was  going on.

Next year, I am going to play with the Kadettenmusik, which is a higher level band. I have taken lessons from an amazing trombone and alphorn teacher, performer and composer. Herr Dahinden is going to Africa to play some music on trombone and Alphorn, composed by some African musicians. I am also looking forward to learning the Alphorn from him. I have something called a “personal project” that I am going to do for school. I have chosen to learn the Alphorn, and then make a website all about the Swiss instrument. The website is learnalphorn.com. I will do further posts, but overall, I have enjoyed playing the trombone here in der Schweiz.

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