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Time to play at the cabin…..

On July 13th, the kids and I ventured to central Wisconsin to a town called Rome. Yes, there is more then one Rome in the world. However, this Rome is much smaller and there are no ancient ruins to explore. It is just God’s glorious creations of wildlife and forestry that makes this place so peaceful. We enjoyed a long weekend at the cabin with Grandpa and Grandma. On Friday July 15th, my cousin and her 3 children joined in on the fun for the remainder of the weekend.


  1. Aaron
    Posted July 26, 2011 at 7:48 am | #

    Great shots! Thanks for having Kim and the kids Cal and Bonnie! Your home up there sure has been a blessing!

    Kim, you put that spider shot in there just to freak me out, right?

    It does all our hearts good to see brother and sister having a great time together – keep loving each other, Zach and Katelyn! Built-in friends – gotta love it.

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