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Water Wars and Cookies!

On Tuesday afternoon, Zach, Katelyn and I had another wonderful afternoon with the Herbes Family. Taylor Schoonover joined in on the fun as well.

There are no photos of the girls, because they shied away from the camera. I could post photos of hands covering faces, or just let you imagine 2 – 11 year old friends playing American Girl dolls together. They always have fun playing “girly” activities together.

The boys on the other hand, well…. they were busy getting wet. It was pure entertainment for Tammy and I as we sat on their family room couch looking out their bay window. It was a very warm and humid day, so Paul, Zach and eventually Taylor decided to have a little fun with water. First up, a water balloon toss for Zach and Paul. Eventually, Taylor came over and that  led into water wars. Tammy and I decided to bake the kids cookies while sipping ice tea. It was a great afternoon, but before the day came to an end, Tammy and I took a short walk on a new bike path in St. Bonifacius. Thanks for a fun afternoon Herbes Family!!


  1. Aaron
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 7:38 am | #

    Now, that’s MY kinda’ spoon, Tammy!

    Way to dodge that one, Zach!

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