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Yee Haw!! Getty Up, Cowboy & Cowgirls!!

What do Jazz, Peanut, Cassy, Smokey and Ginger all have in common? They are the names of the horses we rode. Yesterday was a gorgeous day full of sunshine, so we ventured southeast to Carver, Minnesota for a little horseback riding with some dear friends. Kelly is a well trained rider, but the rest of us are pretty “green” or cautious to the sport. In fact, it was Cassia’s very first time riding EVER!! By the end of the ride, Cassia was very excited to exclaim that that was the most fun she had in a long time and was looking forward to doing it again soon. Katelyn has ridden before, but has been tethered to a leader. This time she had complete control. Watch in the photos for her confidence to grow right before your eyes. Zach has ridden before and did great. After a horsing accident in college, I have braved riding a couple times, but I am always very cautious to any sudden moves. It was a great and fun day. Thanks, Brand Family!!


  1. Gail Brown
    Posted August 16, 2011 at 2:39 pm | #

    Hi Kim,
    I never knew you had a horsing accident in college. Care to share more about that?

    • Kim
      Posted August 16, 2011 at 3:05 pm | #

      Well, OK. It was fall of sophomore year at Concordia University of Wisconsin. They offered a trip to go horseback riding in southern WI for the evening. Aaron and I decided to go with some friends. We were all saddled up and on the trail. I had ridden numerous times as a child, so I was excited to go. Aaron and I were the last two horses of the trail riders. My saddle slowly started to shift as the ride progressed. Then there was a noise in the wooded part of the trail. My horse spooked and before I knew it, I was on the ground face down. I don’t remember much of the actual incident. Just that I was really really sore for days with lots of cuts on my face. I had eaten a lot of leaves and dirt. There was also a spike shaped tree stump just a few inches from where I landed. I guess my horse ran past the group and that is how they knew something was wrong. I don’t remember how I got back to the camp, but I do know that the camp offered me a beer. I was way underage to drink and thought that was strange. Aaron knows more of what happened.

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