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Instrument And Art

We recently picked up our Alphorn in Uster, East of Lake Zürich, from Erika Schmid. Erika is an artist who specializes in Bauernmalerei and agreed to paint our new Alphorn. She did a wonderful job – turning an already beautiful instrument into art.

The word Bauernmalerei, pronounced Bow-urn-mall-er-eye (bow rhymes with cow, of course), means peasant or farmer painting. This form of folk art was created in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with different regions adding their own flavor. Is is very prevalent in Bavaria.

Now, the horn is ready for Zach to begin learning – and teaching the instrument. He had his first lesson on Thursday of this week and is also working on his ISZL personal project website at learnalphorn.com (also at playalphorn.com), which he has built on his own using WordPress. He plans to talk with as many Swiss Alphorn players as he can and has already posted an interview with his music instructor, Roland Dahinden. His site is a large part of his deliverables for his project and is a great example of how he can learn about the Alphorn in many ways. Check it out as he progresses.


  1. Bonnie Rossmann
    Posted August 28, 2011 at 10:46 pm | #

    Zach, you are so fortunate to be able to play this beautiful instrument.
    Erika did such a beautiful job of painting on the alphorn.
    We pray that you will have many years of enjoyment with the alphorn Zach.
    We can’t wait until you will play for us.
    Grandpa & Grandma Rossmann

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