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Villette Fäscht In Cham Am See

Last weekend, Katelyn’s good friend, Cecilia, called and asked if she wanted to go to a festival in Cham, a city very nearby toward the northern tip of Lake Zug. It was a slow Saturday around the Cooper household (I know, amazing, right?) and it sounded like fun for the whole family, so off we went.

There are many festivals (fäscht) going on toward the end of August and beginning of September. They tend be a very eclectic mix of activities and there’s always plenty of food and local beer.

We wandered around the grounds and eventually met up with Cecilia’s dad, then had a few burgers and raclette bread, beer, good laughs and an evening stroll. We watched men jump off of a tower to launch a guy off of a floating “blob”, took in some Rivella shipping crate climbing expertise, listened to music and inhaled the ambiance. It was all capped a the south end of the park by beautiful views of the Alps across the lake.

We closed the evening with some cotton candy fun in front of a music tent emanating the sounds of Swiss German folks singing 50s oldies and Johnny Cash – in English. It came complete with line dancing accompanied by a fella who had a few beers and spontaneously joined the line dancers with his own creative undulation.

With that, we walked back to the Cham Bahnhof past the tolling bell tower and along the tracks for a train ride home.




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