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Zug Feuerwehr (Fire Brigade)

It seems that there is a festival by the lake every weekend during this time of the year. This weekend was no exception, as the Zug fire brigade (Feuerwehr) set up their equipment at the lakefront for the city to peruse.

We went down mainly to stop by the music shop that rents Katelyn’s violin to us. After a pleasant conversation there, we went to the local antique book shop where Zach picked up a German Bible (Martin Luther translation from 1900. He’ll use it to further learn German, comparing the German and English translations.

We strolled on to the lakefront where we spotted some pretzels and other foods. Kim got a pretzel and we all tried some fried apple rings (kind of like onion rings, but with apples) with cinnamon and sugar on top.

Next, we went shopping for size 14 (size 48 European) shoes for Zach to where at his upcoming Zug Kadettenmusik concerts. Amazingly, we found a very nice pair of black leather shoes for only 49.90CHF. That’s unheard of!

It was a pretty simple afternoon, finished off with a little gelato, then a bus ride home. Needless to say, we pretty much ruined our supper appetites, but that’s O.K.





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