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My Personal Development Week in Cortona, Italy

On Monday, September 19, 2011… I boarded 4 trains, 1 bus and 9 hours later I arrived in Cortona, Italy with all of my grade 6 classmates (112 students and many staff) for a week of touring, note taking, activities and learning about medieval history of the Tuscany Region. We stayed in Cortona. We took day trips to Orvieto and Siena.

On Monday: we arrived in Cortona. We ate supper. We did Alley Cats, which is like a scavenger hunt/ riddle to find out things about Cortona. We ended our Alley Cats at a Gelato shop. I had chocolate and mint gelato. It was really good.

On Tuesday: we walked around Cortona. We visited 2 churches. We took lots of notes. We ate lunch at the hostel. We made “wax seals on a note” and shields. We took some time in the afternoon to double check our notes with our friends. After supper, we did drama games.

On Wednesday: we toured Orvieto. We ate lunch and explored some caves. We watched some archers using cross bows and an apple. They kept missing the apple because the apple fell off when they hit the arrow close to it. We returned to the hostel in the evening and revised our notes. After supper, we made notebooks out of cardboard, tape, paper, string and used glue, a needle and a paint brush. They are AWESOME!! and pretty.

On Thursday: we toured Siena. We visited a church, a hospital, did some shopping, visited the big square where one of the James Bond movies was filmed & where the Palio’s are held (Sienese horse races that are held twice a year) and Palio Museum. We returned to the hostel for a disco and pizza party.

On Friday: we journeyed on 4 trains, 1 bus on our way back to Zug, Switzerland. We were waiting for our train in Milan and the train heading directly to Zug was late. So the train conductors decided to skip the Zug stop unexpectedly and go straight to Zürich, so we had to get off in Arth Goldau. In Arth Goldau we had to catch a different train to Zug arriving a half an hour late.

The trip was fun.

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