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Picking ‘Fruits’ with Melo & Exploring Bellagio with The Medins

We began our second day with a walk down from Hotel La Perla to the lakeshore to get a boat schedule, then back up to the hotel, then down to Pizzeria Balognett before opening hours. Melo and Franca had invited us to come before the restaurant opens so we could garden with them.

We went into the garden to pick fresh salad, tomatoes, red peppers, egg plant, cauliflower and other veggies. Melo also told us about his plans to expand the garden and showed us the growing experiments he’s done this year. His all organic garden certainly produced a bounty in 2011!

Once we had picked the ‘fruits’ of Melo’s labor, Franca steamed the cauliflower (and wore it for a moment!) and they washed and prepared some sweet red cabbage, tomatoes (with a little olive oil and sea salt) and created a very colorful table on the patio. We had some aperitivo and chatted with our friends during the preparation. Kim had a Crodino, which is an aperitivo minus the alcohol – very tasty with a hint of grapefruit.

Our friends from Oberwil (originally, Minnesota), the Medins, arrived at 1 o’clock, so Melo opened the gate and we enjoyed a fun, flavorful meal with a lot of smiles. The cauliflower was unusually sweet and the pizza was … well … it’s Melo’s pizza, so it was as close to perfect as it gets!

After a relaxing lunch Franca brought out a surprise – a full dish of Tiramisu to serve the 10 of us as a birthday treat for Zach and Katelyn. You see, Melo had asked a few months prior when Zach and Katelyn’s birthdays were. Since we weren’t with them during the summer, they made this special Fall treat. Wonderful! We all sang, then slowly savored the creamy mocha delight.

The rest of the day we spent exploring Bellagio, with a little shopping. The weather became very nice in the afternoon, with sun, a nice cool breeze, beautiful sunset and plenty of walking to work up an appetite for Melo and Franca’s again in the evening.

It was great to share time with the Medin family and Melo and Franca on a crisp, calm Fall day on Lake Como.

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