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A Lazy Sunday in Tremezzo/ Lenno, Italia

Sunday was our final day in Tremezzo before heading back to Switzerland. We decided to make it a lazy fall day with a stroll along Lago di Como (Lake Como) near Lenno, Italia before heading to Pizzeria Balognett. We had to have one last meal at Pizzeria Balognett and conversation with our friends, Melo & Franca before heading back to Zug.

We left it up to Katelyn as to where we wanted to go for the morning. She picked a walk along the shore near Lenno to skip rocks. We spent about 2 hours in the crisp fall air just exploring, relaxing, visiting and walking along the shore. The kids and Aaron took some time to practice rock skipping. Katelyn was proud to announce that she got hers to skip 3 times.

At 1pm, we headed back in to the hills of Tremezzo for lunch at Pizzeria Balognett. To our surprise, Melo had finished picking all the tomatoes for the season as the temperatures are beginning to cool. He had baskets and baskets of beautiful green to pale pink to red tomatoes lining the pizzeria’s counter. We enjoyed a relaxing meal on the porch and conversation with Melo and Franca before we had to say “until we meet again.” We have made tentative plans to get together in Switzerland this winter for more visiting and a lesson in creating Franca’s Tiramisu. I have discovered that it does not matter what country you are in or language you speak – leaving dear friends is never easy.


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