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Parkhaus Alphorn by Zach

After visiting Herr Stocker in Kriens, we decided to stop at a local parking garage. Why you ask? Sure, that is a strange place to stop just for the heck of it. Actually, we stopped there to “hear the echoes” on the alphorn. You see, the local parking garage goes down 10 stories. In the lowest level, there are very few cars and lots of echoes can be heard. Unfortunately, the parking garage had some music playing, so the effect of the echoes was slightly diminished, although still very impressive. We have some other “special” places to try “echoes” out. Stay tuned!!




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  1. […] in a series on Zach’s endeavor to play our Alphorn at some fun places around Switzerland. In the last post of this type, Zach played in a parking garage for maximum echo. This time, he took the advice of his trombone […]

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