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Kadettenmusik Christmas with Zach

Last week, we were treated to two nights of Christmas music, performed by the Kadettenmusik band of the Zug Musikschule and the Baar youth band.

First, at St. Martin Parish in Baar, next door to Zug. The church is a beautiful Swiss baroque building with Gothic frescoes on the walls and ceilings. This is 15th century architecture supported by beams dating back to the Renaissance. We all sat in the nave, making it a bit difficult to see Zach, but we could hear the band really well, and the sound was warm and full of Christmas cheer.

The second concert was at Guthirt Church in Zug, a more modern structure with live, bright acoustics and a spare interior. Zach’s friend, Sam Christie asked to join us, so we treated him to Starbucks, then walked back to the church for a great evening of music. This time, Zach was up front and Aaron taped the concert from the balcony.

Great job Zach! Way to use the gift of music.



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