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Back to the everyday with Mickey D’s (well, not every day as that would probably kill us)

Time for a little run-of-the-mill from Switzerland. The golden arches.

We’ve driven by the local Mickey D’s many times for over a year. While we tried Burger King on the border of Switzerland and Italy (wouldn’t recommend it), we hadn’t tried the golden arches here.

There were several reasons for entering this “food” establishment today.

1) We were talking with some friends about the stereotypes (and some truths) about dietary tendencies of American food. For instance, always bigger, thicker and containing way too much sugar. O.K., not always a bad thing, right? ūüôā

2) We’re alone with Zach tonight because Katelyn is hanging out with her best friends, so we thought we’d do something different for Zach.

3) Kelly Brand dared Aaron to buy a beer at a McDonalds many, many blog posts ago.

4) Spontaneity

And the results?

1) Yes, it was bigger, thicker and contained way too much sugar (can you say food coma?).

2) Zach had fun with it, though EVEN Zach could not finish his pomme frites (french fries). They supersized him.

3) Kelly. Sorry. No beer at the McDonalds. Must be a seasonal thing or something. Is there a beer “season?”

4) There are probably better ways to exert one’s¬†spontaneity, but it was good for some laughs!


I wouldn’t exactly say we were lovin’ it, but it was a change of pace and reminded us of home – in some weird, cholesterol-filled way.

(Oh, and don’t assume that taking photos in a McDonalds is O.K. Aaron got a Swiss smackdown for snapping a few shots of the menus. Not to worry – we’re used to a lot of rules around here.)


  1. Jamison
    Posted January 31, 2012 at 8:15 pm | #

    Yikes expensive…. The “Deluxe Potatoes” look good though. +$1.-Fr! Hehe!

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