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A Simple Day with Cecilia and Family

Our original plans to sledge/ski with Cecilia’s family were quickly changed due to the very cold (-15C) temperatures, but we still had a wonderful evening together. Cecilia came over in the afternoon to play with Katelyn before we headed to dinner as families. The girls made soap together and played games with lots of giggles.

At 610pm, we decided to venture into the cold to catch our bus to old town for dinner at the Gasthaus Widder. This is one of our favorite places to have dinner – a mix of Swiss and South African foods. Mark tried bobotie while Petra had white fish. Viggo & Cecilia tried the schnitzel but Viggo decided pizza sounded better. Katelyn and I shared a pizza and salad. Aaron had the salmon and noodles (his favorite). So….that leaves Zach, our adventurous eater that did not disappoint once again. This time he tried Bilitong. What is that you are asking?? It is dried meat from various wild animals – Ostrich, Springbok (gazelle/ antelope) and Beef. He really liked it and shared with the dads, who to their surprise thought it was pretty good as well. We topped off the evening with desserts of apple strudel and ice cream sundaes before heading back out into the cold for the bus up the mountain. It was a wonderful evening and looking forward to our future ski/sledge day when it is a bit warmer!


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    Fun! At first I thought the soap hearts were chocolate hearts from the restaurant meal! On closer inspection I noticed they are more purple than chocolatey brown. 🙂 (and saw the caption)

    This is a fun family – they have joined us at our Lift dances as well many times!

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